Kwanzaa Holiday Cards


Celebrate Kwanzaa with unique cards that feature community and family-themed art. Inside, one panel of the card lists the seven principles and days of Kwanzaa. The other panel has no text and provides space to decorate, write your own greeting, or attach a family photo. Use the links below to purchase cards online.

The Guinea Hen Got Loose represents family and community gatherings around food, and African-rooted spiritual traditions.
Kwanzaa Card | $3 USD | from

African Majesty features a young woman from the Horn of Africa adorned with royal jewelry. In her hands, she cradles silhouettes that represent the diverse people from her region.
Kwanzaa Card | $3 USD | from

Libation is a newer digital art piece that I created to illustrate the practice of libation, where the living commemorate ancestors and higher spiritual forces through the pouring of water. The extended text version includes a poem I wrote about the practice of libation.
Kwanzaa Card | $3 USD | from
With Extended Text | $3 USD | from

Diaspora Quilt, another digital painting, represents the dispersion of people from Africa (diaspora) into a global community represented by many modern nations. The extended text version includes educational facts about the African Diaspora.
Kwanzaa Card | $3 USD | from
With Extended Text | $3 USD | from

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